How it works

I am signing up

  • 1. I am registering individually
  • 2. If I want to, I can join a team or create a new one
  • 3. I choose the race I want to run
  • 4. I pay the registration fees, 50% of which will go to the NGO
  • 5. I have the possibility to add an additional donation for the NGO
  • 6. I receive a confirmation email with links to download my virtual bib, declare my performance, check my ranking and download my finisher diploma

My virtual bib

BIB-ariane cross 2020

I’m sharing my support

I’m doing my race

My finisher certificate

Diplôme-Virtuel ariane cross 2020

I did a positive thing

  • 1. In this troubled time, I participated in an event that encourages volunteers from an NGO to continue their commitment and mission to help
  • 2. I have maintained the link with the Ariane European runners’ community
  • 3. I can share my diploma on social networks with the #Arianecross2020 or by logging in @arianecross2020
  • 4. I can personalize my photos with the visuals available in the download area
  • 5. I receive my personalized virtual diploma in the ArianeCross2020 colours
  • 6. I proudly display my participation by sharing my personalized photos and my diploma on social networks